About Svaroopa®

Welcome to Oceanside Yoga and to a new way of practicing yoga. Dip into the bliss of Svaroopa® Yoga for transforming your body, mind and more…

Svaroopa® yoga is a less active, blissful practice that releases the core tension in your spine. The word svaroopa (sva-roo-pa or swa-roo-pa) is a Sanskrit word meaning “the bliss of your own being”.

Svaroopa® yoga offers a different paradigm. When your body is contracted in tension, it shuts down. The tension in your body begins at the tailbone and moves up your spine and into your whole body. Tension compresses and distorts the spine impacting your entire body and limiting your mind.

This practice is a supported and compassionate style of yoga. Svaroopa® yoga is based on specific sequences of deceptively simple poses that are fully supported with blankets and blocks, adapted to your body. Through a blend of asanas (poses), breath (pranyama) and meditation you will experience release from pain, enhanced ease of movement and reduce mental stress and fatigue.

So come and ride the wave of bliss and discover Svaroopa®, “the bliss of your own being”.

To learn more about Svaroopa® Yoga visit www.svaroopayoga.org.