Svaroopa® Embodyment® Therapy

Embodyment® is a hands on therapy that is equivalent  to 4 yoga classes providing release from mental and physical tension, alleviating back , hip, neck,  and knee pain. You will rest fully clothed, on fully propped blankets, for 1 hour of blissful relaxation and healing.

$75 for single 90 minute session

$260 for 4 90 minute sessions payable up front

Private Svaroopa® Yoga Class

A private Svaroopa® yoga class includes both guidance in breath work and poses designed individually for the student’s own body and state of mind.  It is comparable to a full class normally given to the entire class ….guided awareness, breath work and poses.  Individual propping and adjustment offers the student an  experience of Svaroopa® Yoga in a private session with time for discussion and questions.

60 min.  $75

Semi-Private Svaroopa® Yoga Class

Semi-private lessons are similar to the private offering.  Take the class “with a buddy” to share the experience, time , space and expense.

75 min.  $125